Good Quality Black Raisins - 250g

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Black Raisins with seeds are full of natural sugars and are great to curb your sweet cravings without loading on extra calories. They are rich in vitamin B and C, thus, helps to strengthen the immunity.
Black raisins are one of the healthiest foods to include in your diet. They contain high amounts of fruit sugars like glucose and fructose, which can satiate your hunger levels and lower your food cravings.
Black Kishmish is loaded with fibers, which is good for the digestive system
Black Raisins seeded | Kismish | Kaali Drakh | best Quality Indian Dry fruit; Raisin are Natural Sun Dried; Bigger; Nutritious; Tasty and Healthy
These rasins are made from 'RESIDUE FREE', Export Quality Jumbo Black grapes. These Jumbo Resins have medicinal Values; Raisin are Great Source of Anti oxidants; Good Source of Energy; Fat Free; Cholesterol Free; Sodium Free; Suitable for children, youngsters and elders; Especially recommended for senior citizens and even diabetic patients
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