McCain French - Fries, 420 g

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Product Details
Potatoes (92%), Edible Vegetable Oil (Palmolein).

How to use-
Chocolicous Fries, Preparation Time 10 min, 150 g French Fries, 1 tbsp Honey, 1 tbsp Chocolate Syrup, 1 tsp Strawberry Syrup, 1 tsp Maple Syrup, 1 tbsp Roasted Almond, 1 tbsp Roasted Cashew, 1 tbsp Chopped Dates, 1 tsp Sugar Strands, 6-8 no's Gems, Cinnamon Powder a pinch, Deep fry french fries at 175 c for 3 minutes till golden in a pan, heat honey, add cinnamon powder and toss the fries in it till evenly coated Sprinkle some dry fruits and toss, Place on a serving dish and top witn the remaining dry fruits, Pour chocolate syrup on the fries, spreading evenly, Top it with strawberry and maple syrup, Sprinkle sugar strands and gems on top, Serve.