Tata Tea Gold, 500g

₹259 ₹300.0

Product Details
These gently rolled 15 percent long leaf, open up in boiling water to release a superior aroma
Tata tea gold a perfect tea, beyond compare
Tata tea has an exclusive product for everyone across india, in a taste and flavour they love and at a price they can afford

Tata Tea Gold, the most premium offering from Tata Tea’s portfolio, was launched in 2003 as a variant on the ‘aroma’ platform. While the practice of mixing CTC (Crushed, Tear, Curl) granules with long leaves was prevalent amongst discerning tea consumers, there was no packaged player addressing this area. Tata Tea tapped into this rich insight and developed Tata Tea Gold. Its uniqueness lies in the superior balance it maintains between strength and aroma, which is produced by mixing CTC granules with gently-rolled 15% longer leaves. Its differentiating benefits have helped Tata Tea acquire a larger share of the premium tea segment, while further upgrading its imagery.
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