Real Juice - Fruit Power, Litchi, 1 Ltr

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Packs the smooth flowery taste of litchis that's similar to drinking concentrated litchi juice freshly pressed from a juice mixer
Made from the world renowned litchis of muzaffarpur
Litchis contain generous amounts of fiber and b-complex vitamins that improve metabolism
Litchis are also a great source of vitamin c, carbohydrates, nutrition, and energy
Litchis assist in preventing health problems caused by obesity, diabetes, stroke, heart disease and Alzheimer's
Real litchi can be savoured as the base for a delicious smoothie, a summer cooler, with ice cream or as it is

Born from the peerless, world renowned Muzaffarpur Litchis , these deliciously succulent litchis are an annual delight for litchi lovers who eagerly wait for the fruit every year.
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